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iPhone 5C
IPhone 5c is Apple (Apple) in September 2013 launched a smart phone. At 11:00 on September 11, 2011, Apple in the company headquarters in Cupertino, California conference, at the press conference launched Apple's first product line of colorful plastic products iPhone5C. IPhone 5c with 4-inch retina Retina screen (resolution 1136x640), the body with hard coated polycarbonate material, A6 processor, 1GRAM, take the factory default IOS7 system equipped with 1510mAh battery, slightly larger than the iPhone 5 battery capacity , Equipped with 8 million pixel iSight camera, 720p HD FaceTime front camera. IPhone5c "C" is "COLORFUL" color means, that is, in fact, colorful iPhone5c iPhone5c, with green, yellow, red, white, blue and optional colors.
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